3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For Toddlers

3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For Toddlers – 
buyers guide 2022

3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For ToddlersWelcome to our ‘ 3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For Toddlers  ‘ article.

As your toddler grows, their creativity and curiosity surge, which often bothers you when you discover they’ve broken yet another object at home. Instead of watching them break different things to understand how they work, invest in a wooden tool bench for toddlers to channel their energy, curiosity, and creativity!

Toddlers love copying what their caretaker or parent does, and a tool bench lets them build, take down, and fix objects like grownups. Again, toddlers’ best wooden tool benches will kindle critical thinking, creativity, motor skills, independence, and problem-solving skills. Plus, they are fun to play with!

Empower your child with these 3 wooden tool benches for toddlers.

We have reviewed 3 of the best wooden tool benches for toddlers, followed by a detailed buying guide and FAQs. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the review.

Melissa & Doug is a well-known manufacturer of children’s wooden toys, and this workbench is one of their finest works. If you have a creative and active toddler, this wooden tool bench will keep them busy for a long time. The best thing about it is that it is made of high-quality solid wood. 

Furthermore, it is practical enough to inspire your child’s imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination skills. Playing with the toys inspires and boosts the toddler’s motor skills and will create a sense of 3D awareness, letting your toddler tackle imaginative and open-ended playtime. 

This workbench features a spacious storage shelf where your toddler can place their tools and accessories. This space is huge enough to accommodate more than just the accessories and tools included in the set. 

When it comes to the tools in this set, there is a tool rack, hammer, spanner, hand saw, bolts, and many more! And as previously mentioned, all these tools and accessories are made using solid wood. What’s more, the wood is 100% non-toxic, thus entirely safe for your child. So, you can rest sure knowing your child is safely having fun. 

In terms of assemblage, the instructions have several project ideas that are simple and fun for your toddler. Meanwhile, this tool bench has smaller tools that could be choking hazards for your child. 

1 of our chosen 3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For Toddlers.


  • Simple and fun project ideas included 
  • Great quality wood construction
  • Ample space on the storage shelf
  • Comes with a handful of fun tools and accessories


The smaller tools like bolts are potential choking hazards.

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This is among the most aesthetically pleasing and maybe the best wooden tool benches for toddlers on the market. It has a spacious and simple construction, combined with brightly colored accessories and tools. 

Typically, the most suitable wooden tool benches for toddlers have simple designs with a touch of sophistication and offer multiple functionalities and interesting features. When it comes to the Hape Master tool bench features, it has an adjustable height, which is highly convenient since your child can utilize it for an extended period. It has more than 35 tools and accessories ideal for imaginative and open-ended playtime. 

This set includes a practical set of tools for your child; therefore, you can leave them to play alone as a pretend woodworker. This way, your tiny tot will develop social and cognitive skills. On top of that, the playtime with these toys will help boost their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

You can watch your toddler build, take apart, and fix stuff like an adult. Also, if you want them to learn the STEM concepts, this is the most suitable wooden tool bench to help attain that. Playing with these tools establishes and prepares the child’s analytical brain parts. 

Besides, like the Melissa & Doug wooden workbench, this one has a spacious storage shelf to place other items. The only downside with this tool bench is that it is rather pricey. 

1 of our reviewed 3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For Toddlers.


  • The height can be adjusted 
  • Over 35 accessories and tools 
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with brightly colored tools and accessories 
  • Helps develop your toddlers motor skills 



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Lastly is this wonderful tool bench made of premium quality wood crafted and sanded to be completely safe for your child. Also, it is brightly colored with BPH-free colors and stained using non-toxic paints. Plus, the wood used to build this toy set is eco-friendly. 

Among the tools included in this workbench are a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench, as well as other kiddie version toy tools, and they are designed to perfection to look like the real thing. 

The top surface of the workbench is spacious enough for children to play as a group. This way, your child and others can hit the wooden nails with the hammer, then try to remove them using the flat-head screwdriver. Overall, this is a practical and safe wooden tool bench. 

That said, like the other workbenches on this write-up, this one is engineered to boost your toddler’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Besides, the compact design makes it ideal for less spacious homes. You can conveniently store the tools and accessories on the storage tray to avoid losing them. 

The drawback with this workbench is a small design issue; the screws and nails look alike, which might make it difficult for your child to distinguish them. 

1 of our chosen 3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For Toddlers.


  • Non-toxic and completely safe for toddlers
  • Robust construction 
  • Eco-friendly sturdy wood
  • Its compact design is ideal for less spacious houses


The nails and screws look alike

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Buying guide - 3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For Toddlers.

While choosing the best wooden tool benches for toddlers seems easy, it’s somewhat challenging considering the number of intimidating products available. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider when buying the most suitable wooden tool benches for toddlers.

Here they are:


As  a parent, the one thing that will frustrate you about having a toy set is having the pieces all over the house. So, to avoid this, go for a tool bench with storage space, a bin, or a bag, for placing all the pieces once your child is done playing. 


You should consider the toy brand. It would help if you choose tool benches from well-known and reliable brands like EverEarth, Melissa & Doug, Hape, and many more!

The toy’s sophistication 

Something else to check for when shopping for the best tool benches for toddlers is how complex they are. For instance, if you’re purchasing a workbench for a 1.5-year-old, you should pick an entertaining and simple set. On the other hand, if you want a set for your 3-year-old, choose something more complex. 


Choose a set with many tools and accessories. This way, you will keep your toddler busy, as the more the tools, the more time they’ll spend playing with them. Again, a tool bench with plenty of features will keep them more interested for a long time. 

Educational benefits 

Typically, most tool benches come with plenty of educational advantages. They come in handy in introducing the toddler to basic education and various aspects like numbers, shapes, alphabets, and colors. 

So, a tool bench is not just any other toy, as it can be utilized to inspire analytical and problem-solving skills in your toddler. It’s an extremely handy and versatile toy. 

The child’s age & preference

Your child’s age is vital when choosing the most suitable tool bench for them. For children under two years, simplicity and entertainment should be the priority. On the other hand, if they’re older, go for something more complex. Again, if they’re old enough to have a favorite color, you can choose a wooden tool bench that has that. 

Developmental advantages

Tool benches come with plenty of developmental benefits for your child and will, in the long run, help in their growth. Playing with the tools and accessories aids develop their motor skills, creativity, dexterity, and imaginative skills. Besides, they also help significantly with hand-eye coordination. Plus, open-ended playtime comes in handy in boosting their social skills. 


Your budget should also be a factor to consider when buying a wooden tool bench for your toddler. Most parents overspend when purchasing their kids’ toys, which can be avoided. Currently, the market is filled with high-quality tool benches, and among them are budget-friendly options. 

Except for the Hape master tool bench, the rest are functional and affordable. 

Spare parts 

Toddlers will, at some point, lose some of the tools or accessories, and it would help if you bought a workbench with easily available spare parts. 

The most attractive thing about workbenches is their level of engagement and interactivity. So, when a few pieces get lost, your child might notice and cause a tantrum, hence the need to buy a set with available spare parts. 


What are the advantages of wooden toy tool benches? 

Wooden workbenches give your child a broad scope of cognitive and academic advantages, such as;

  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Boosts motor skills 
  • Promotes creativity 
  • Boosts confidence
  • Teaches identification
  • Offers screen-free playtime 

Which are the best brands for toddler tool benches?

The toy market has plenty of brands that manufacture top-quality tool benches for kids. So, when searching for the best, you should go for brands like Hape and Melissa & Doug. If you’re looking for more complex workbenches, go for the Step 2 brand products. 

Where can I purchase a reliable wooden workbench for my toddler?

Wooden tool benches can be found and bought anywhere in the country. However, it would be best to buy from the best stores, including little tikes, Lego, and Fisher-Price. But, if you’re looking for something more affordable, shop on Amazon. 

How is my child supposed to use the wooden tool bench?

Typically, a standard workbench for toddlers will feature a surface to place and play with all the tools and accessories. It would be best to encourage your toddler to be creative and create different scenes and projects while playing with the tools. This allows them to partake in open-minded sessions, thus developing their brain. 

Are tool benches educational to my child?

Yes. Coming up with different projects and learning how to use the various tools enhances your child’s critical thinking. Besides, some tool benches are explicitly designed to focus on numbers, colors, and shapes, offering a wide perspective to your child. 

Moreover, tool benches develop Maths, science, engineering, and technology-based play sessions for toddlers to 10-year-old kids.     

How should I properly clean and take care of my toddler’s wooden tool bench?

Wooden tool benches for toddlers are easy to take care of and clean. You can use a cleaning spray and a soft fabric. You simply have to spray the parts with the cleaning spray, then wipe using the soft fabric. When done, make sure to store them properly. 

Is there a difference between a wooden workbench and one made of plastic?

Absolutely. Some tool benches are made of plastic, and others wood, though wood is the safest option. Plastic tools will break more easily than wooden ones, and broken toys are hazardous to toddlers. 

Again, some are made using eco-friendly wood, like the EverEarth wooden tool bench. So, if you mind your toddler’s safety, it would be best to choose wooden tool benches as opposed to plastic tool benches. 

Should I consider size when buying a wooden workbench?

Maybe. It mostly depends on your space at home and how you intend to use the tool bench. If you have a small space, a small workbench is more suitable. If you’re looking to promote longevity and creativity, go for a more spacious tool bench with more immersive tools and projects. 

This guarantees the tool bench serves you for a long time, even when your toddler grows older and wants to play pretend. 

Is it important to factor in the project types included in the tool bench?

Depending on your child’s age, you can either go for a more intricate set that calls for attention to detail or a simple one with easy projects for your toddler. 

In conclusion – 3 Best Wooden Tool Benches For Toddlers.

There are numerous wooden tool bench options, some affordable, some expensive, and others sophisticated. However, we hope we have made the process easier with this review. Workbenches come with multiple benefits for your toddler, like developing and promoting various skills. Lastly, check the number and size of the tools it comes with. 

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