5 Best Wooden Toys for One Year Olds

Welcome to our top 5 best wooden toys for one year olds

Ah, wooden toys, those amazingly versatile yet durable toys that help your children pass the time as they have fun. Whilst they might not be as fancy as plastic toys, they are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and they will trigger your kid`s creativity.

When it comes to durability, wooden toys can endure a lot of abuse, like being tossed across a room or being seated on and still maintain their good looks. In addition, they can be used by many children through different generations.

To avoid damaging them, clean them using a clean wet cloth dipped in either soapy water or a solution of water and vinegar. However, avoid submerging them in water since they could bulge and split.

Since we know how hard raising kids can be, we have compiled a list of the five best wooden toys for one year olds.

Here they are;

1. Wooden ABC Blocks 

Topping our list is this 40-piece package with engraved letters on each piece to help your kid learn the alphabet. What`s more, it also comes with numbers which will assist your child in learning basic mathematics. The blocks are brightly colored and carefully curved, leaving them looking appealing enough for kids to want to learn!

Furthermore, the blocks are a bit bigger, making them easy to load on top of one another and read. The package includes the 26 letters of the alphabet and six-letter slabs with replicas of the most popular alphabet letters. Again, there are eight math blocks, from number one to nine. Teach your young one how to count and the different letters of the alphabet with this incredible wooden toy.

The package also includes a storage bag; therefore, you do not need to worry about having all these pieces lying around the house. Also, this ensures that you don’t lose any of the elements. One of the best wooden toys on the market.

The pieces are made using natural wood and painted with non-toxic paint to ensure your child`s safety. Plus, these blocks are gender-neutral, making them ideal toys for both boys and girls. Overall, this fantastic educational toy for toddlers is perfect for your developing child in terms of passing the time and learning.

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2. Sorting and stacking toys

This wooden toy from wood City is a puzzle for your young one. It is an excellent sorting toy; it features four geometric figures and colors. Your child can learn more about numbers, shapes, and colors and attempt to create various combinations. It will keep them busy and help them learn in the process.

Besides, these stack toys are ideal for both boys and girls aged 1 to 3 years. We all know that children`s minds are more than eager to grow and learn new things, which is why these puzzle pieces will come in handy. Your child will learn simple math, shapes, colors, and geometry as they have fun.

They are ideally constructed to fit your child`s hand, and they are excellent toys to carry with you when traveling. The thoughtful design and bright colors are also an appreciated bonus. Besides, the smooth edges ensure that your child can play with them without the risk of getting hurt.

At times, you might need less noisy toys in the house for your peace of mind, and what better way to achieve this than buying this impressive stacking toy that will also help your child expand their knowledge. It`s a win-win!

When it comes to safety, this toy is made using non-toxic wood and stained with non-toxic paint, making it eco-friendly and safe for your child.

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3. Stacking train toy by Melissa & Doug

For more than three decades, Melissa and Doug have designed magnificent toys, and their products have been termed as the “Gold Standard” for toddlers and slightly older kids.

Children of all ages love trains, and this is a sturdy wooden stacking train that will last your kids a long time, thanks to its durability. The blocks come in different shapes and colors; the two cars and engine feature 15 brilliantly colored blocks with blue, red, green, and yellow colors. One of the best wooden toys on the market.

This train is also quite versatile since it lets the child build, pile and roll, and develops certain skills for the child at the same time. This stacking toy is the perfect gift for your 1 to 4 years old boy or girl. It also comes with a wooden railway to complete the game, leaving the kids having fun in a screen-free manner and developing their imaginative skills.

What`s more, the toy is designed using durable wood and with a lot of attention to detail; therefore, your child will be perfectly safe while playing.

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4. Wooden baby rattle

This Montessori-styled wooden toy from Homi baby is another marvelous addition to your toddler`s toy collection. It is excellent for active one year olds, and the wood used to make it is soft enough to be tender on your child`s gums, in case they decide to throw it in their mouth. Besides, the interactive sounds it produces are an appreciated bonus.

Furthermore, it is stained with eco-friendly, non-toxic paint that`s relatively easy to use. The wood is entirely organic and safe for pets and children as well. Every rattle has been sanded and put together, and properly sealed using virgin coconut oil.

Overall, this baby rattle is ideal for keeping toddlers busy and giving the parent a break for some time.

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5. Wooden xylophone

This is the ideal choice for parents who prefer their kids to play with a small wooden and versatile musical instrument. This xylophone is playable in various ways. The child can play the keyboard or collect balls as drubbing makes the ball tinkle over.

Moreover, this toy could come in handy in developing your child`s motor skills including, arm movement, enhancing agility, and hand & eye coordination. Also, it will help your child learn simple music, promote audio recognition skills and have fun at the same time.

This musical toy is durable and highly safe for your child since it is stained with water-based paint and features non-toxic finishes.

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Wooden toys vs. plastic toys

Wooden toys are not as fancy and good-looking as their plastic counterparts. But which one is the better option? There is a lot to consider when buying your toddler`s toys; besides good looks, you have to consider durability and safety.

Therefore, to answer the question, wooden toys are better. There are plenty of reasons why they`re more suitable for your child, such as;

1. Wooden toys are safer for toddlers

As with anything else you buy for your child, you need to make sure it is safe. With plastic toys, there are high chances of small parts coming away and becoming a choking hazard for your child. Besides, if the plastic toy breaks, it could leave sharp parts that could result in injuries.

However, wooden toys are designed for your child`s safety, and they seldom feature pieces that could break easily. For this reason, they are a much safer option for your toddler, precisely if your young one is less than five years old.

2. Eco-friendly

For instance, in the UK, they yield approximately 4 million plastic waste tones annually. Even though most of this is sourced from plastic bottles, wasted and broken content from other items such as toys, it constitutes a considerable portion of that percentage.

For this reason, you should want to recycle, reuse and reduce. Toys made of wood are an excellent way to play your part in saving the environment without doing too much. By buying a toy with eco-friendly materials, and is made from 100 % wood, you`re playing a small role in lessening the plastic waste in your area.

3. Long-lasting

Where children are involved, there must be a mess, with them tossing the toys across the room or sitting on them, or even leaving them in places where they can be stepped on. For this reason, it would be best to purchase a durable toy, and wooden toys are typically more durable than plastic ones.

Plastic toys have the potential to break or shatter if they feature a mechanical element. On the other hand, wooden toys can endure children`s tossing since they are designed using sturdier material.

4. Promotes early education

Even though plastic toys might produce better sound effects and have other decent features, research reveals that wooden toys can promote kid`s literary, numerical, and problem-solving skills.

Most wooden toys are designed to be puzzles, trains, musical instruments, and building blocks, where your young one has to create patterns or something different depending on their imagination.

By simply piling one block on top of another, your child can build their motor skills as they start to comprehend how different forces like gravity work for or against them. This could especially come in handy for kids with one or more years.

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Conclusion – 5 Best Wooden Toys for One Year Olds

Wooden toys are magnificent and classic for your child. They come in a wide array of designs, from baby rattles and trains to building blocks and pull toys; therefore, you can be sure there will be something for your child.

Wood is environmentally friendly, and the toys made from it are of high quality and affordable. There is just something endearingly sweet about them for your toddler, whether for play or education purposes. Hopefully, this guide has been handy in helping you find the best wooden toys for your one year old child.

So we hope you enjoyed reading our ‘ 5 Best Wooden Toys for One Year Olds ‘ guide and are now better equipped to make a purchase.