About NaturalWoodenToy.com and the team

child playing with a wooden toy

We are all passionate about the environment and how plastics can harm our world. All of us here actively promote the use of sustainable and ecological materials for everything, not just Wooden Toys.

This website is all about Wooden Toys where you can find guides and advice about these amazing creations not just for our children, but us big kids too.

We help you make the right choices when you’re buying wooden toys for your children or as a suitable gift for others. We also share some helpful information that we have gathered over the years and also from experts and Toy makers. Information that will help you keep your wooden toys clean, safe and last longer than plastic ones. Even to the point where you could hand them down to future generations.

Many of the buyers guides you see have been written by myself (Darren) or John and our team of Mums, Dad’s, teachers, family members and friends. You can rest assured that we have only reviewed and tested the toys that we feel are worthy of making the cut.

We are affiliates to Amazon and other companies and do make a small commission if you purchase a toy, at no extra cost to you. The small amounts of money we receive helps us to buy more toys to review so we can bring you more helpful information to save you time and money.

One thing you can rely on is that the information we give you will be based on our results and not what the manufacturers say. We wouldn’t recommend or in fact even review any products that do not meet our strict guidelines and vetting process.

So, take a look through our website and we hope you find a wonderful wooden toy that will give years of fun to your children and even possibly bring some fond memories back to you.

Who’s involved at NaturalWoodenToy.com?

Hi, I’m Darren. I am the senior editor at NaturalWoodenToy.com. I’m a dad, taxi, chef, medic, and all those other roles that comes with having 5 kids. With my love for building websites and my experience as a dad to five toy mad children, it seemed a natural step to set up this website.

One of my oldest memories was living next-door to a carpenter who used to make Rocking horses. As a child, I was mesmerized watching him make, what at the time seemed life-size horses. But in reality, when you’re 4-5 they probably weren’t that big!

But to me they were huge!

I look back now and think this was responsible for me insisting that many of the toys my children play with are natural wooden toys. You can’t beat the classic wooden toy.