Kidkraft Wooden Ride Around Train Set & Table Review 2021

Kidkraft Wooden Ride Around Train Set & Table Review 2021

Kids delight in the thrill and adventure that comes with rolling trains across unending track loops. Regrettably, no parent loves unintentionally stepping on a rogue toy car at night during the routine check-in on the kids. Luckily, train tables offer the ideal solution to ensuring both the little ones and the adults remain happy.

Not only do train tables help keep the trains off the ground (and offer an ideal way to store the toys when not in play), but they also afford uncountable hours of thrill, adventure, and entertainment for your kids.

Kidkraft, in particular, offers a diverse assortment of train table options to choose from. Nonetheless, even with such a flurry of options, which is the best wooden train table for your kid?

If you are in this dilemma, you should go for the Kidkraft Ride around train set and table, and for a good reason, as you will quickly learn from this review. Here is everything about the Kidkraft Ride Around Train Set & Table.


The Kidkraft Ride Around Train Set & Table is arguably the highest-rated KidKraft train table on most, if not all, online shopping platforms. This remarkable table is generally recommended for kids aged three and over and inspires lots of delight and amusement.

This train table comes with a fantastic design featuring a lake, farm area, mountain, in addition to a helicopter launchpad! You will also love the minimalist, compact, and convenient 49 x 34 x 16 inches frame, ensuring that it can easily fit within a decently moderate play area and doesn’t take much storage space.

What’s even better, it is as easy as they come when it comes to assembly, only needing you to browse the setup manual and arm yourself with an appropriate screwdriver. But besides this, though, some unique factors propel it as a fan favorite and top spot wooden train table recommendation.

Easy Setup:

As you would expect from many quality toys, this train table is straightforward to set up, and to make things better; its prescribed layout is well portrayed on its wrapping box.

This table comes in various large pieces that only need approximately 15 minutes to put together. Ideally, you only need to screw its sides, length, and the beneath support pieces together. Afterward, you should set down the two distinct components that comprise the tabletop and simply slide the drawers well into place.

Essentially, laying out its track, inclusive of the elevated mountain and bridge pieces, is a cinch! The train’s track loops over the town map illustrated on its tabletop, and then, you can arrange the various buildings, vehicles, figures, among other pieces like animals along the track’s side. The final piece of this ‘kid toy puzzle’ is the train cars, and in about 15-20 minutes, you are all set!

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Cool, appealing design:

A common characteristic with KidKraft train tables which the Ride around Train Set follows to the letter is its stunning appeal. The KidKraft Ride around Wooden train set is made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) built from wood and T-molding (plastic edging) as well as melamine.

This setup features multiple scenes that include a construction site, farm, lake, airport characterize the train table, and hospital for your kids to dream, set up, play and enjoy.

Its sturdy, smooth wooden pieces are superbly decorated, which is a remarkable sight. Couple this with KidKraft’s exceptional attention to detail in the toy’s design ranging from the bright, elaborate scene colors and sweet farm animal faces, and you have an irresistible toy for your kids to dream, get creative, and have fun.

Easy to Clean/Maintain:

What’s better than a toy that is easy to clean and maintain? This train table comprises two storage bins that perfectly fit beneath it and is a breeze to corral its pieces for kids and adults alike. Furthermore, any debris or spills on the table can easily be cleaned with a simple damp cloth. Check out our full article dedicated to How to clean wooden train tracks

Undeniable Entertainment Value:

This wooden train’s track is relatively easy to operate, and your kids can set it up in numerous ways, creating more opportunities for fun game play.

Moreover, with 100 pieces to work with, there are options aplenty to share, even in a setting with several kids engaging in the game play. This significantly lessens fighting over various favored pieces and sets it up as a stunning toy for play dates and siblings.

Price: Marginally high but decent cost

Lastly, this train table is available at a various price range. The key is to shop around and get the lowest purchase cost. After all, considering its unique design, attention to detail, entertainment and educational value, and multiple pieces, it is a worthwhile investment. Check out the latest prices on AmazonKidkraft Wooden Ride Around Train Set & Table


  • Features storage bins and table
  • It comes with 100 pieces ensuring sharing and endless fun
  • Made of sturdy materials


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Assembly required


To Summerize – Kidkraft Wooden Ride Around Train Set & Table Review 2021

This KidKraft wooden Ride around Train Table is a blend of pure fun and excitement for any train-enthusiast little one-and is guaranteed to win over any kid who stops to engage and play, too!

So we really hope you have enjoyed our review of the Kidkraft Wooden Ride Around Train Set and are now better prepared to make your decision.

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