Kidkraft wooden train table review ( Latest 2021 review )

Kidkraft wooden train table review
( Latest 2021 review )

Kidkraft Aero City Wooden Train Table Review

Children love playing with trains and watching them roll through unending loops and tracks. On the other hand, parents don’t like it when rogue parts of the toy trains are all over the house, especially when they accidentally step on them. Fortunately, there is a solution to this; train tables.

Train tables will help contain the train by making it easier to store and keeping it off the ground. Also, they are an excellent addition to your kid’s toy collection. There are numerous train tables with different designs, color schemes, and fantasylands, and they are made with either wood or plastic.

It is vital to understand that train tables come in different price tags. The most affordable models are made using plastic, while high-end ones are made of either wood or plastic but with more attention to detail. Therefore, it all comes down to the money you’re willing to spend and the design you prefer.

Here we will review the best Kidkraft wooden train table, the Aero City wooden Train table. It is an incredible combination of affordability and quality, designed with attention to detail.

Let’s see what it has to offer;

This model is the best-selling train table on most online platforms, and it is an impressive all-around set for your child. It features 80 pieces, including vehicles and hand-painted illustrations. As the name suggests, this train table has an amazing Aero City with several caves that the train typically passes through.

It features a huge crane used to load or offload boxes to or off the trains. Besides, it has a helicopter launch area that features a wooden plane and helicopter. Finally, the four plastic bins that slide beneath the table come in handy when you want to store some of the pieces.

This model includes a train set, which will keep your children busy as you do something else in the house. Moreover, your child will utilize these trains and vehicles when playing with a different set since it is compatible with products from some of the most common toy brands in the market.

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Here are some of the features this table train comes with;

  • The height of the table is the ideal standing height for most kids; therefore, they’ll be very comfortable playing while standing.
  • The entire set and its parts are durable, and they can be moved easily.
  • This version basically offers you what you see in the picture, including the mountains, waterfall, and people.
  • You can adjust the table train’s scenery according to your imagination and game. Additionally, the tracks, constructions, trees, and roads are not glued to the table, and they can be rearranged effortlessly.
  • Most of the elements are made using wood, including the airplane, table, boat, tracks, vehicles, and people. But there are several figures made using plastic like the bridge and cave, among others.
  • The bottom side of the table is beige. You can flip it and utilize it for different creative arts activities.
  • As mentioned above, this set has four plastic storage bins. They come in handy if you want to store some of the figures that come with the set. Also, it helps in keeping things organized. The T-molded edges are specially made to hinder any chipping.
  • The table is robust and broad, featuring a 1.5″ lip on all edges to prevent the train and other figures from falling off.

Dimension and materials

According to the manufacturer`s, the Kidkraft wooden train table set (Aero City) measures 16.1 by 34.2 by 48.8 inches, and it weighs 2.2 ounces. Furthermore, this table train set is impressively durable and robust. It was simply built to impress.

It is mainly made using wood and a bit of plastic. The landscapes board has a silk covering and can be overturned. The other side is plain and features a beige color, and it can be utilized for different activities.

The four plastic bins present measure 11.57 by 15.75 inches each and are utilized to store the toys, trains, rails, and other figures beneath the table. Also, you can slide them, making it very convenient to move the figures. As a result, you are left with fewer toys scattered all over the floor and more on the table.

Lastly, the set’s colors, table, and scenery are very bright and attractive, and your children will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Who’s it for?

This kidkraft wooden train table is suitable for various people. For instance, this train is ideal for pre-schoolers since it will enhance their imagination and problem-solving skills.

The variety of play sets available is excellent since they offer ample space for modifying the game. Besides, your child can modify the scenery by changing the roads and other features and create a different tale.

What’s more, when playing with your child, you will have the chance to teach them the traffic rules and mathematics, when watching the train move and counting the train cars. Overall, this set is ideal for children with more than three years and their parents.

While parents might not play with it, they will have more time to themselves as the children play with the train.


  • The set requires effortless assembling and setting up. Also, it comes with an informative instruction manual.
  • The manufacturer was attentive to detail when producing this set. The top part of the table features bright colors, excellent details, and a magnificent blend of tracks and other figures.
  • Each piece is well-crafted. The table is sturdy and durable, and its height is ideal for kids who want to play while standing. What’s more, it’s wide enough for several children to play with simultaneously.
  • Can be easily cleaned – check out our ‘ How to clean wooden train tracks


  • The tracks are somewhat loose, which could result in the train derailing.
  • The lightweight train cars could be damaged if you’re not gentle when handling them.

Conclusion – kidkraft wooden train table (Aero City)

The KidKraft Aero City set is a buy that’s worth it. The 80 pieces offer variety; therefore, your young one will spend a lot of time setting it up. If you find it on sale, you should definitely buy it.

It is an excellent set with plenty of fun accessories, and the mountain and waterfall add more excitement for your child. Also, it is very affordable since some toys cost three times what the KidKraft Aero City Train set table costs.

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So finally we hope you enjoyed reading our KidKraft wooden train table review and are better equipped to make your decision to purchase or not.

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