Best Large Wooden Alphabet Blocks for Toddlers

Best Large Wooden Alphabet Blocks for Toddlers

Welcome to our ‘ Best Large Wooden Alphabet Blocks for Toddlers ‘ article

Best Large Wooden Alphabet Blocks for Toddlers

Most of the time, when parents are searching for their toddlers` toys, they tend to go for plastic ones. But how about wooden toys? Typically, wooden toys are better than their plastic counterparts. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colorful themes, for instance, trains, building blocks, toy cars, and so many more!

For this reason, if you are searching for educational toys for your child, you should consider wooden alphabet blocks. They are designed to be safe for children since most of them are stained using non-toxic paint and do not chip easily. Besides, they are built to be durable. Again, you get to awaken the eco-warrior in you by purchasing wooden toys.

Here we will review the three best large wooden alphabet blocks for toddlers. They are colorful and durable enough not to break when your toddler tosses them across the room.

Let’s get started!

Wooden ABC blocks

First on our review are these wooden ABC blocks from SainSmart Jr. made from pine wood. The package includes 40 cube-shaped pieces, and for tidiness, they come with a storage bag. These customarily designed wooden blocks are delicately carved for your child’s safety. Moreover, the numbers and letters are painted on two sides of the block. Each block has an imprinted letter, mathematical symbol, or number, making them the perfect educational building, and counting blocks.

Every cube measure 1.8 inches and features rounded edges. Additionally, they are smoothly sanded, making it easier for your child to hold, sort and stack. The package includes all the letters of the alphabet and numbers. Each cube features a capital letter on one side and a small letter on the other side. This toy is the ideal go-to toy for your child’s eager-to-learn brain.

What’s more, the construction is durable; thus, you don’t have to worry that it will break if it is sat on or thrown across the room.

As with most educational toys, this one encourages learning the alphabet and numbers, and at the same time have fun. Besides, your child acquires problem-solving skills while building, counting, and doing basic math.

When it comes to safety, these wooden ABC blocks are made using natural pine wood, usually stained using non-toxic paint. Plus, the heat printing illustration is perfectly safe for toddlers. Lastly, it is thoroughly tested and certified to be safe for kids.



  • The blocks are only painted on two sides, and the other four sides have a laser etching

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Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Blocks

Melissa & Doug is among the best manufacturer of children’s toys. When you think about wooden toys, you envision primary-colored blocks designed to be held by a toddler. These blocks are lightweight thus easy for your toddler to pick up, stack, count, and build. Besides, they are written on all eight sides, so whichever way your toddler places them, they can view the colorful letters.

Since these educational blocks are pretty durable and highly educational, you can keep them for your child until they learn how to spell and count. They come in 50 pieces, including all the letters of the alphabet and numbers. Besides, there are some blocks with pictures included.

When it comes to quality, these blocks are built to last. Your toddler can play with them until they are in kindergarten. The numbers and letters are hand-painted, and they are a great value that will go for years on end.

They are the perfect gift for your 1 to 4-year-old child. They come in a good size, small enough to fit in your toddler’s hand and large enough for one to read from a distance. Moreover, they are made using high-quality solid wood stained using non-toxic paint.

For this reason, you needn’t worry about your toddler putting it in their mouth. More importantly, if you have an issue with your package, their customer care services are fast and impressive.


  • It is incredibly durable, and it will last for years
  • It comes in 50 colorful pieces and a rolling chart
  • Includes all letters on the alphabet and numbers
  • Ideally sized to fit your toddler’s hands
  • Designed for your child’s safety


  • Some users have complained that the blocks might be too small

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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks

Here is yet another product from Melissa & Doug. While there are many other wooden ABC blocks in the market, this block is not quite like others. They are a must-have for every toddler. Your child will love these nesting blocks.

You can utilize them in two different ways; nesting or stacking. Your toddler will indeed appreciate the freedom of interchanging between these two methods of use. If one method bores them, they can utilize the other.

As these are ABC blocks, they are highly educational for your toddler. All the sides are printed with the appropriate numbers and letters. Besides, there are boards with animals’ pictures and various shapes. They will definitely come in handy when you want your child to learn alphabets and numbers. Also, it helps him acquire problem-solving skills.

As mentioned above, these stack and nesting blocks are educational. The package comes with ten cardboard nesting pieces, and all of them come in different sizes, displaying animal pictures, numbers, and letters.

When it comes to helping your child learn, repetition is key. The more time your child spends playing with these blocks, the faster he learns. Therefore, make sure they play with them; at least twice a day.

These stacking and nesting blocks feature high-quality construction. They are durable enough to last your child a long time, and the design has realistic and colorful details. They are spherical on the edges to prevent your child from getting hurt when playing.

This is the ideal toy for your 2 to 4-year-old child. Also, it`s an opportunity to have some screen-free yet educational playtime. When it comes to safety, these blocks are constructed using high-quality wood that does not chip easily to guarantee your toddler’s safety.

Lastly, Melissa & Doug has been in this industry for the last three decades, and their products speak for themselves. Their colorful and creative toys for children have even been described as the gold standard in terms of children’s toys.


  • It comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • The construction of the cardboard is sturdy
  • The blocks are educational
  • Excellent eye-hand coordination
  • Your child acquires problem-solving skills


  • Some parents said the cardboard was not quite durable
  • The cardboard starts to wear if your toddler pours water or drools on it

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Our top pick! – Best Large Wooden Alphabet Blocks for Toddlers

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As you can see, all the wooden ABC blocks in this review are high-quality and reliable educational blocks. Nevertheless, the SainSmart Jr ABC large wooden blocks are our top pick.

First, they are larger than their counterparts since the cube-shaped blocks measure 1.8 inches each. While it is quite large for a toddler, they are large enough to read from a distance comfortably.

Second, they are made from natural pine wood. Many wooden toy makers prefer using cherry, beech, maple, and pine wood. These woods are well-known to have close to no allergic reactions and are quite durable. Also, it is entirely safe for your toddler.

Besides, the pinewood used to make this block is imported from Australia. The package includes 40 pieces imprinted with alphabetic letters and numbers. Plus, it comes with a storage bag for keeping the blocks. This also ensures that the house remains tidy and no pieces get lost.

Even though these blocks are not written on all eight sides, each block is stained and carved with numbers, letters, and numerical symbols. This set is excellent for building and stacking while counting. Besides, your child gets to build their imagination.

As these are ABC blocks, they are educational, and they help your child build their problem-solving skills. And in our opinion one of the best large wooden alphabet blocks for toddlers on the market today.

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Summary – Best Large Wooden Alphabet Blocks for Toddlers

In summary, block sets are vital to your child’s development. They help them learn how to play independently and boost their knowledge. Besides, your toddler will learn how to solve various problems, utilize self-expression, learn basic math by counting. Again, they learn science and emotional growth.

The less your child’s toy does, the more knowledge he’ll gain from it. ABC wooden building blocks will also come in handy for the parent if they want to engage with the toddler. At first, your toddler will gain more knowledge if you’re there to play with him and show him where to place certain blocks. Besides, you can have cooperative stacking projects, dare them with building tests, and build their interest by integrating more educational and fun toys.

When buying your child toys, make sure you consider safety, storage as well as price. While ABC blocks translate to a messy house, you can purchase a set with a storage bag or purchase a storage bag separately. Even though it is inconvenient for the parent to keep cleaning up the mess, you can comfort yourself with the fact that the toy comes with a handful of educational benefits for your child.

Well, there you have it, the best large wooden ABC blocks for your toddler! We hope you enjoyed our ‘ Best Large Wooden Alphabet Blocks for Toddlers ‘ post.

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